Samsung confirms new Gear smartwatch for IFA debut next week, smart speaker also coming ‘soon’

The dust has yet to settle on yesterday’s big Galaxy Note 8 announcement, its almost instantaneous pre-order start and impending commercial launch, but it may already be time to look ahead toward Samsung’s next few hardware releases.

We’re talking arguably lower-profile products, though at least one of them will likely be assigned the daunting task of opposing the Apple Watch Series 3. That’s right, despite an ominous recent silence on the Gear S3 upgrade rumor front, DJ Koh himself has told CNBC in a pre-Note 8 Unpacked interview a “new smartwatch under the Gear brand” shall see daylight “at an event next week.”

Wait, another event already? Well, yeah, but this one will probably be part of Berlin’s IFA 2017 festivities rather than taking place in New York, away from a flood of similar presentations.

It’s unclear if a Gear S4 is in the pipeline or perhaps a Gear Sport, but since Samsung’s mobile division skipper specifically alluded to a “smartwatch” launch, you can probably rule out the Gear Fit 2 Pro from the list of suspects. Or rather expect both the waterproof activity tracker and Gear S3’s direct sequel on display in Germany’s capital sometime next week.

DJ Koh also touched upon Samsung’s oft-rumored rookie smart speaker effort in his candid but vague talk with the American news TV channel, dispelling rumors about production troubles or a lack of interest in the market.

The chaebol wants to be “moving quite heavily” on this, providing a “fruitful user experience at home” sometime soon. Definitely in the works already, Bixby’s standalone Amazon Echo challenger is however unlikely to grace IFA 2017 attendees with its inaugural presence.

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