Samsung’s New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360 (video)

After so much talk about the headliners of Samsung’s recent Unpacked event, their early demand, cool software options, predictable security vulnerabilities, display prowess, camera potential and so many hands-on videos and comparisons, it’s time to give the “New” Gear 360 its own 15 minutes of fame.

Almost literally, as we have Pocketnow senior editor Juan Carlos Bagnell ranting about this 360-degree video recorder in particular and the fresh but raw 360 concept in general for close to ten minutes, plus a trio of short samples showcasing the strengths (and weaknesses), the endless possibilities (and inherent limitations) of the second-gen Samsung Gear 360.

This isn’t a proper, in-depth product review though, as the redesigned hardware looks essentially finished and polished, but the software still feels like it needs to tidy up a few things before the gadget commercially launches.

Coincidentally (not), there’s a perfect overlap between the top 5 pros and cons, as the same features, functions and design traits can be viewed in a positive or negative light. It all depends on how patient you’re willing to be for the technology to grow and unfold in the coming years. It’s certainly got potential, but it’s not quite there yet. Oh, and for some reason, the new Gear 360 only works (granted, flawlessly) with Samsung phones at the moment.

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