It’s no secret that we’ve been wondering if Samsung would ever shake off the cobwebs and start producing some smartphones and tablets with seriously revamped designs. That’s not to say that there’s anything particularly wrong with the direction it’s been headed (at least if you don’t mind a lot of plastic on your phones), but that we’ve been anxious to see Samsung get out of its comfort zone and play around with something new. The other day we heard rumors about the possibility of a metallic Galaxy Note III, and today we’ve got something new to check out, with a leak possibly showing some new design prototypes from Samsung.

Coming from noted tipster evleaks, there’s no extra info to accompany the shots above; what you see is all we have. Even evleaks sounds uncertain as to whether or not this really is a new design Samsung’s working with, but let’s entertain the possibility for a moment.

Unlike those Note III rumors, it looks like we’re once again dealing with plastic here. Still, this is far removed from the curvy, sloping designs we’re used to, and the blocky design is positively reminiscent of a Nokia Lumia phone.

Samsung can’t seem to end its love affair with physical home buttons, and sure enough, one lives on here. The coloring is a little unusual, but assuming this is prototype hardware, we won’t read too much into it.

What is interesting is that cutout on the bottom right, which looks like a stylus dock for another S Pen. There’s not a great sense of scale here, but this handset almost looks too small to be a Note model; could the S Pen be in the works for sub-five-inch phones?

It’s all a lot to take in, and for now we can’t be sure just how much weight to lend this find. Still, it sure is interesting to examine, so we’ll be curious to see if anything else like this ends up surfacing.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)

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