Samsung’s native Android browser picks up ad-blocking support

It sure was surprising to see Apple enable on iOS the kind of feature you’d expect to first get on an open-source, tinkerer-friendly ecosystem, but while Google Chrome’s mobile version continues to oppose ad-blocking extensions, third-party Android hardware and software manufacturers join the fight against online publicity.

First, Asus, and now Samsung allow their devoted customers to easily thwart ads, as long as you’re comfortable conducting your on-the-go web browsing business on the two’s pre-installed e-surfing apps.

Samsung Internet 4.0 can be made to work on Galaxy devices powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop and up with popular ad blockers like Crystal or Adblock Fast, both of which earned high reliability marks and more than decent download numbers last fall on Safari for iOS.

Once you install either program, you can of course choose to run ads on specific pages, a preferential feature that comes in handy when you trust a website, understand its survival depends on revenue obtained this way, and know you’ll not be flooded with promotional messages every couple of seconds.

You can probably guess where this is going, and although we care deeply about your loading times and data usage, we’d very much like it if you clicked on a Pocketnow ad every now and then. Promise we’ll keep their intrusion to a minimum, and at least occasionally bring products to your attention you may actually be interested in.

Sources: The Verge, Murphy Apps

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