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Samsung might be working on a cheaper foldable phone called Galaxy Z Flip Lite

By Nadeem Sarwar November 18, 2020, 3:54 pm
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip pocketnow

Foldables are a big part of Samsung’s product strategy right now, with two form factors already in the market and their successors are already in development. But foldable smartphones, irrespective of the brand they come from, are a tad too expensive. Now, a SamMobile report claims that Samsung is looking to put a foldable device into the hands of more users with its next offering that will allegedly debut under the name Galaxy Z Flip Lite

Now, before you get your heartbeat racing hearing the news of a cheaper foldable phone from Samsung, do keep in mind that this is just a rumor at this stage. Ross Young, who is a lead analyst for DisplaySearch and has a fairly accurate track record with leaks, tweeted that he is currently hearing rumors about a foldable Samsung device with UTG that is called Galaxy Z Flip Lite. Of course, the ‘Lite’ moniker suggests that Samsung will make some cuts when it comes to the raw firepower and imaging capabilities to sell the Galaxy Z Flip at a lower asking price. 


Finally, a foldable device for the masses?

But that’s not all. The report suggests that Samsung is rather bullish concerning its ‘affordable’ foldable device, and will reportedly manufacture it in a larger quantity than other foldable devices in the company’s current portfolio. Notably, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite will use the UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) solution that Samsung used on the Galaxy Z Flip and later employed on the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Remember the display woes of the first-gen Galaxy Fold, especially the fragile top layer on top? Well, Samsung addressed a few of them with the aforementioned UTG solution. Compared to a traditional foldable panel, the UTG layer is essentially a thin layer of glass that is less prone to scratches and offers higher material strength. Apparently, Samsung is going to use the UTG layer on all of its upcoming foldable smartphones, be it premium offerings in the Z Fold family, or more affordable members arriving under the Z Flip lineup. 


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