Samsung considers Microsoft a direct competitor, doesn’t want to pay royalties

Samsung is not at all a stranger to court filings, legal actions, and courtrooms in general, across the globe; however, this time the South Korean phone manufacturer isn’t fighting Apple (as it does most of the times), but Microsoft. Samsung is regarding Microsoft as a direct hardware competitor (as an effect of the Microsoft-Nokia deal where the Redmond-based company acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division), and thus, refuses to pay royalties.

In the light of a previous patent agreement, Samsung was supposed to help Microsoft by building Windows Phones, as well as sharing confidential business information on the matter. In return, Microsoft would ease up on royalties needed to be paid to Microsoft, by Samsung, for the South Korean Android-powered devices. 

Microsoft claims that Samsung  owes $6.9 million in interest on more than $1 billion in patent royalties that were not yet paid. Samsung, on the other hand, is not willing to pay, and explains its refusal by claiming antitrust problems with the Microsoft-Nokia deal (basically sharing confidential information with a competitor). Samsung’s filing states that “the agreements, now between competitors, invite charges of collusion,” while, on the other side, Microsoft is “confident that our case is strong”.

Source: Reuters
Via: WindowsCentral

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