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Samsung may have revealed what we’re getting in future Galaxy phones

By Samuel Martinez November 27, 2020, 12:13 am

Samsung was one of the first companies to step into the foldable phone market. Indeed, the devices are far from being perfect, and they still have a long way to go before they become the standard, but we can’t deny that they’re fantastic, and deep inside, we all wish we could have one in our pockets. Whatever the case, the South Korean tech giant is constantly working to improve, to deliver some of the best foldable devices available, and its display division has recently teased what could be the future of Samsung’s foldable phones.

Samsung Display has recently posted a couple of images that give us an idea of future foldable Galaxy devices. Renderings show us a phone with a triple folding panel that would easily transform into a tablet. Now, rumors have also mentioned that Samsung is working to make this idea a real working device. We also know that the company has several patents for tri-fold display panels, so we may get to see it in a not so distant future.


The second rendering shows what could be a new device with a rollable display, which doesn’t seem so crazy after the latest rumors of rollable devices from more than one company. However, this design seems to leave the rectangular phone design behind, and it would opt for a cylindrical stick from which a display would roll out. The best part is that Samsung has also been working on this idea, and it also possesses some patents that may also become real in the future.

We are also expecting changes in Samsung’s flagship devices next year, as the Galaxy Note series may disappear, and in its place, we could get a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and a Galaxy Z Fold 3 with stylus support, as well as a new device that could feature a rollable display.

Source SamMobile


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