Samsung has just certified a new device on the Wi-Fi Alliance with model SM-F415F/DS. The first “F” in the device’s model name stands for “foldable” if we consider that the original Galaxy Fold is F900, and the Z Flip is F700. The higher the number means a more premium device, so what can we expect from a 400-series device?

New rumors suggest that Samsung may be working on a new “lite” Galaxy Fold. The device may not necessarily fall into the mid-ranger field, but it may not be as expensive as the other foldable devices. It is believed that Samsung may want to keep the price tag for this device around the $1,000 mark, and it could even feature a non-flagship processor, or at least not the latest.

This may be pure speculation, but if we focus on the device’s model number, the second digit is a “1”, meaning this is a second-generation device, as we saw with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which has an F91x code, while the original Fold has an F90x model number. Now, the most critical question is whether this device will arrive with a clamshell design or if it will stick to the design of the original Fold. Whatever the case, this Wi-Fi certification doesn’t give us much more information, other than the fact that the new Galaxy Fold lite won’t support Wi-Fi 6.

Source GSM Arena

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