Yesterday we saw Samsung finally get its Lollipop update ball rolling, beginning distribution of Android 5.0 for the Galaxy S5. While initial availability was highly region-restricted, it was still a big step forward. But what does the existence of that update spell for updates designed for other Samsung hardware? At the time, we speculated a little about what yesterday’s development could mean for future US carrier-specific GS5 Lollipop updates, but today we’re looking at the rest of Samsung’s device lineup, as word arrives of when we might hope to start seeing those release go out.

The report out of South Korea says that Samsung is talking about getting Android 5.0 to devices like the Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Galaxy S5 LTE-A, and the Galaxy S4 in the early part of 2015. That lines up nicely with some of the rumors we’ve heard before, and while this new info doesn’t come from a formal Samsung announcement, the sourcing from a Reuters tech reporter feels a lot more substantial than anything like analyst guesses.

While that would mean that we’ve still got a few weeks to go before any Lollipop goodness hits other Samsung handsets, there’s still plenty of work left to be done on the GS5 side of things: update distribution in additional nations, as well as those carrier variants we mentioned. All those little individual ETAs are still quite murky, and there’s plenty of new developments to be had even if we’re waiting another month before we see any Note 4 progress – but hey, that’s just more time for pre-release software to leak, right?

Source: Vincent Se Young Lee (Twitter)
Via: phoneArena

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