Samsung software has just been leaking left and right recently. Late last night we shared you some software evidence pointing to the existence of a fingerprint scanner as well as a quad HD display, and just minutes ago looked at a leaked screenshot from an upcoming S-Voice refresh. Joining these others is the leak of a new “Life Times” app, apparently designed to help you chronicle all your interactions with your phone.

As you can see, Life Times appears equipped to collect data both from local phone apps, as well as social media sites you’ve linked-up. We’ve heard the app described as “kind of a diary,” though its full purpose slightly eludes us at the moment; clearly, it can gather a lot of info, but seeing how that data is ultimately presented might provide some better insight into just what sort of value users might get out of Life Times. One suggestion is that it could be used to help chronicle big events, like a vacation or a wedding.

This app was reportedly pulled from a Samsung SM-G900H, which shows up on that list of Galaxy S 5 model numbers from yesterday. Oddly, however, SamMobile – which provided both that list and this new leak – notes that it’s “unable to confirm if this is the GALAXY S5.” That’s hard to understand in the context of that earlier list, so there may be more going on here than we’re currently privy to. There’s also the question of just what may become of this app in light of rumors that Samsung could drastically scale-back the extent of its Android add-ons.

Source: SamMobile
Via: Engadget

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