Samsung and LG are reportedly ‘close to final agreement’ with Apple for future OLED iPhones

Even the most ardent iFans have to admit Cupertino very rarely makes costly technological strides when there’s a cheaper alternative, and as far as iPhone screens are concerned, the move from IPS LCD to OLED is simply not considered a priority… yet.

But sooner or later, it will become one, once the latter’s production is ramped up, and adoption expenses are reduced. For that to happen, Apple is reportedly working on a large-scale collaboration with Samsung and LG, two of its strongest handheld-designing rivals, but at the same time, two old and reliable component-supplying partners.

The mutually beneficial deal with the devil is nearly settled, according to a fresh Electronics Times rumor that seems to fall perfectly in line with a series of older reports. Essentially every tipster around agrees there’s not enough time left to enforce the change starting with the iPhone 7 in 2016, instead its 2017 or perhaps 2018 sequel (s) looking most likely to break the AMOLED ice.

Samsung and LG’s display-manufacturing daughter companies will purportedly invest no less than $12.8 billion combined in modernization and expansion of production resources over the next few years, with the Galaxy architects likely to spend the bulk of that hefty sum and score a larger part of iPhone 7s or 8 panel orders.

In case you’re wondering, organic light-emitting diode screens are thinner, lighter and technically sharper than liquid-crystal displays, with far superior contrast ratio, deeper blacks and greater viewing angles that makes them overall feel like the next gold standard for, well, everything from wearables to phones to tablets and TVs.

Source: ET News
Via: Reuters

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