Anton thinks...

…because, of all tech companies out there, they perfectly understand the meaning of “il fine giustifica i mezzi” (“the end justifies the means”, Il Principe by Niccolò Machiavelli). They utilize it like it was their guidebook, their Bible. No, this is not a deep philosophical piece, it is a clear reflection of reality, filtered through my views and personality; unwrought thoughts, delivered to you naked, as they were born. If you can’t handle them, move away, now!

Samsung wants to be first. Samsung needs to be first. Samsung has to be first! Samsung does anything to get/stay there. No matter what bridges they burn, what feelings they hurt, or on whose shoulders they climb on to survive drowning. Samsung simply can’t sell its flagship without crapping all over the main competitor in its ads; Samsung just can’t stand the thought of a manufacturer having an arguably better solution, without apparently hiring people to bitch about it constantly and kill it at birth; Samsung will rather spend truckloads of cash in courtrooms to defeat “the enemy” rather than pay R&D for something different from 2012, in 2013.

…and you know what? They’re doing the right thing. Samsung is Machiavellian because you like it, accept it, follow it, buy it, defend it, praise it (and I mean, you, the user, the Samsung brand worshipper, the gadget owner)! You don’t get to be number one by being a wuss. Now, you extend your “wuss-claws” and hold on to it, no matter what! Other Machiavellians could be born at any moment.

What do YOU think?


“Anton Thinks” is a new series of short editorials — hence opinion pieces, and as such, as subjective as they can get — where raw thoughts are delivered to you straight, without the nice wrapping and packaging, without sparing anyone’s feelings. They’re based on personal perceptions of reality and printed out in the simplest form.

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