Prospective Galaxy Note 7 buyers are looking at pretty slim pickings when it comes to groundbreaking new technologies and features on the dual-curved phablet, especially compared to the GS7 Edge it more strongly resembles than last year’s Note 5.

The S Pen, while arguably smarter and cooler than previous iterations shipped with members of the GNote family, hardly feels innovative at the end of the day. Good thing there’s at least an iris sensor in tow that the S7 Edge and Note 5 lacked, despite “the most secure” biometric authentication system being apparently “over three years” in the making.

That’s according to Samsung’s very own mobile division skipper, DJ Koh, who headlined Tuesday’s Unpacked event, detailing some things he left out on the NYC stage in subsequent press interviews.

“In theory”, Koh underlined, iris recognition is the most secure biometric function, though in practice, it still needs a while to fulfill its potential, and do more than unlock your device, with app integration targeted “through third parties and API”, as well as authorization for large mobile banking transactions.

Presumably headed for the Galaxy S8 in spring, and other flagship phones down the line, the technology should eventually “trickle down to mid-end models”, as research, development and manufacturing costs will inherently drop. The long-term goal of all this? Make Android as a platform safer.

Source: ZDNet

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