We come across a stupid survey every so often that we post on Pocketnow. This achieves two things: the promotion of the business backing said survey and; being a conversation starter for you, your friends and for us on the Pocketnow Weekly podcast.

So, here we go again. There’s a new survey out commissioned by broadbandchoices.co.uk — associated with several mobile trade-in sites such as sellmymobile.com, by the way — which asked 2,000 participants a series of questions associating the phones they carry with certain collegiate personality types. The participants graduated university within the past five years.

The press release was fairly vague when it came to general numbers: Apple commanded the largest share of student phone brand ownership followed by Samsung with a difference of 4 percent. Huawei had 14 percent share and Alcatel took fifth place at 12 percent. No word on the third place finisher, then?

Pertinent to academics, Galaxy users are most likely to be trying for a first-class Honours degree, with 28 percent of them reporting positively. Google Pixel (21 percent) and Alcatel (18 percent) users being second- and third-most likely.

8 percent of Huawei mobile owners failed schooling, making their group the most likely to do so. That’s probably because 64 percent of the same group missed an assignment deadline — no comparisons were provided among owners of other brands, though.

Huawei owners were the second-most likely to go out drinking at 2.3 nights a week. Samsung owners followed at an even 2 times while iPhone owners clocked in at 2.5 times on average. The heaviest drinkers also cut class often with 31 percent of Apple users doing just that.

Other statistics, including figures on who takes “study drugs” and who’s able to start and maintain a relationship in university, can be found below.

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  • ‘Smartest’ phone: Samsung users most likely to get a First-Class degree qualification
  • Extra-curricular: student iPhone users go out drinking most often and miss lectures most often
  • Unable to pair devices : Google owners least likely to be in a relationship
  • Homebirds: Huawei users more likely to live at home during university Debating what handset to take to university?

New research has revealed which of the smartphones had the smartest users and, on average, Samsung devotees had the most academic success.

The study, commissioned by the team at www.Broadbandchoices.co.uk, questioned over 2000 University graduates who had completed their studies in the last five years. Apple was the most popular manufacturer for scholars, with 4 per cent more of them choosing that compared to Samsung, with budget friendly phones Huawei (14%) and Alcatel (12%) helping round out the top 5.

Participants were asked to reveal what classification they graduated with and the results showed that Samsung users achieved the highest proportion of First-Class degrees, with 28% of owners saying they had, followed by Google users (21%) and Alcatel users (18%). Students with Huawei phones were most likely to fail, with 8% revealing that they had not made the grade.

Extra-curricular activities were also surveyed, with graduates asked how many times a week on average they went out drinking (in their final year) Apple users topped the table, going out 2.5 times a week on average. Huawei owners were a close second with 2.3 times a week, followed by Samsung users at 2 times a week. When asked how often they missed lectures and tutorials, 31% of party loving Apple users confessed that they did ‘all the time.’ Whilst Huawei owners were the most likely to miss deadlines, a whopping 64% said they had.

Huawei owners were the most likely students to live at home during university, with 23% of owners admitting that they did so. Student iPhone users were also the luckiest in love, with over half in a relationship in their final year compared to just 30% of Google owners.

Delving deeper into the study habits of the students, participants were asked if they had ever taken ‘study drugs’, and Samsung owners were the most likely to have done this (44%), followed by iPhone users (28%) and Alcatel owners (22%).

Finally, all respondents were asked what maintenance loan they had received; Alcatel owners were most likely to receive the maximum loan (18%), while iPhone users were the most likely to receive the minimum loan available (38%).

Commenting on the results of the study, Vix Leyton, consumer expert at www.Broadbandchoices.co.uk said:

Whilst this is a very lighthearted look on a serious subject, the stats make interesting food for thought when it comes to the Apple and Samsung tribes, and with student days being the best of your life, you can see why some students have sensibly opted for budget, easy to replace handsets offered by manufacturers like Alcatel.

The good news for students who want all the power of a big brand phone, without the financial commitment, the last twelve months has seen some excellent mid-range phones on the market from brands like Honor and Huawei that offer loads of the features and benefits of the big hitters but on a much more manageable price tag, and there are some fantastic sim-only deals designed for young people to ensure student loans do not get absorbed by mobile running costs.

Whether you’re using it to research your next piece of coursework, to find the nearest pub, or stay in touch with your mum so she knows you’ve remembered to eat today, having a mobile phone is an absolute essential for those away from home for the first time, so it’s worth doing your homework on the best one.[/toggle] [/toggles]

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