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Samsung debuts Internet of Trousers for April Fools’ Day with Wi-Fly support

By Adrian Diaconescu April 1, 2016, 7:40 am

Let’s be honest, it was completely unrealistic to expect something funnier from Samsung this year than the brilliant Galaxy Blade Edge 2015 April Fools’ Day hoax. That had it all. Ridiculousness, self-mockery, and even a hint of authenticity.

After all, if watches, refrigerators and belts can be “intelligent”, why wouldn’t a smart knife be developed too down the line? Or how about a series of Wi-Fi-connected pantaloons? Samsung seems to have put slightly less thought into today’s Internet of Trousers prank, but there’s still plenty to make you chuckle in the company’s April 1 press release.

First and foremost, Wi-Fly, which sounds like a feature many IoT users badly need. This promises to alert you if your trouser zipper is open, but only after 3 minutes, so that your friends can still notice and rightfully laugh at you.

Then you have Get Up! Alert, to remind and ultimately shock you into occasionally moving around, at least to restock your beer supply before crashing on the couch again. And if weight control is a problem, the smart trousers can plot with your smart fridge and restrict you from overeating. Wait, are we sure this isn’t a real thing?

Yes, pretty much, and the same goes for the T-Mobile Binge On Up headset/hands-free phone holder, Verizon’s OccuCam, and a OnePlus initiative to cover everything from iPhones to shoes, cups and soap in grippy sandstone. Decent attempts at humor all around, but no one can beat the prank champion, whose Cardboard Plastic goggles cracked us all up earlier today.

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