Samsung’s latest mobile products are only just around the corner – the company’s anticipated Galaxy Tab S unveiling is scheduled for this evening – but we’ve also got our eyes on what’s further out for the manufacturer, and this morning we pick up some new rumors about a couple products expected to make an appearance at the IFA in Berlin this coming September.

Since last year we’ve been hearing about the possibility of Samsung developing a Google-Glass-like headset of its own. Names like Gear Glass, Galaxy Glass, and most recently, Gear Blink, have been tossed around, and while we haven’t learned a lot about actual hardware, the sort of patents Samsung’s been filing sure has been pretty convincing that the company has strong interest in products like this. This new report doesn’t add much in the way of details, besides affirming that “a Google Glass rival” will be part of Samsung’s IFA offerings.

A new Galaxy Note surfacing at IFA is a much less controversial suggestion, but what’s interesting about today’s rumor isn’t the notion that the Note 4 will launch at IFA, but just how the phablet might make its debut. We’ve talked a lot about what to expect from the Note 4’s display, hitting on details like size and resolution, but there’s also been that talk of wrap-around displays and the mysterious omen of new form factors. This source, identified as “an executive of [a] local Samsung partner,” says that Samsung will bring two separate Note 4 designs to IFA, “one with a curved OLED display for niche markets and the other a flat OLED display for mass marketing.”

That might actually end up being a nice arrangement: offering the new and unusual design for shoppers who like their phones on the cutting edge, and a more conservative option for those looking for a phablet that’s more of a straight Note 3 refresh.

Source: Korea Times
Via: Android Central

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