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Samsung and Huawei are supplying their own modem chips, says Qualcomm

By Anton D. Nagy January 5, 2019, 5:00 am

A U.S. Federal Trade Commission vs Qualcomm trial debuted on Friday. Since its ramifications could affect the chip-maker’s global legal battle with Apple (which recently resulted in a new ban in Germany), the new trial is being closely monitored. It is at this trial’s opening hearing that Qualcomm, in its defense against anticompetitive patent licensing practices in order to preserve a monopoly, said that the its chips are not dominant in the world’s two leading smartphones manufacturers’ products.

Samsung (currently number 1) and Huawei (number two after surpassing Apple last year) are supplying their own modem chips, said Qualcomm. Samsung is allegedly using only 38 percent of modems from Qualcomm, and Huawei only 22. The rest allegedly comes from other manufacturers to whom the smartphone makers outsource, without specifying company names.

The report mentions that neither Samsung nor Huawei commented on the matter. The FTC, on the other hand, argued that the case isn’t referring to slower, cheaper modems that go into budget phones, but rather those that go into flagships.

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