Samsung doesn’t take long to countersue Huawei for various patent infringements

If it’s legal war Huawei wants, that’s exactly what the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer will get from the industry’s overall ruler, which we know to never back down in a court of law, whether it’s fighting Apple, Nvidia or Ericsson a while ago.

Oftentimes, being right or wrong, as well as having grounds to sue and countersue, are mostly irrelevant, with companies like Samsung instead focused on making headlines and/or forcing the other guys to settle and ultimately enter cross-licensing agreements.

No way to tell if that’s going to be the case here, or how long it might take to reach such a compromise, especially since Samsung doesn’t care to detail the types of patents Huawei allegedly infringed on, and in what specific fashion.

All we know is damages of around $24 million are claimed in China, alongside sales bans imposed on the Mate 8 and a number of unnamed Honor-branded devices. For its part, Huawei recently went after several of its rival’s most popular products, including the Galaxy S7 Edge, taking issue with their purportedly unauthorized use of 4G communication, OS and UI technologies.

Will this turn into another drawn-out, two-way conflict, or do you sense a pact coming?

Source: Reuters

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