Samsung and Huawei to release the first folding smartphone

Foldable displays are something that we have been seeing for a while, but we still haven’t seen one in a smartphone. Samsung has been working in this for a while now and it seems that they’re finally ready to give us a truly foldable display smartphone. The thing is, Huawei could beat them to it.

In Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh words, they “don’t want to lose the world’s-first title.” Samsung has been investing in research to develop new hardware and technology that will keep them in the first place of global smartphones in the world. The fight for the second place is fierce between Apple and Huawei, and the Chinese company just keeps getting stronger. The arrival of the new foldable devices could give the market a major shakeup and if these devices are successful, Apple could be left in third place for good. Now we only have to expect that these devices look and feel better than what we see in these illustrations

Samsung is expected to launch this device sometime next year, but Huawei might have its own foldable smartphone ready to launch in November. So let’s just wait and see who launches the first foldable smartphone to the market, and how this will affect the market.

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