Samsung mysteriously halts Android Oreo rollout for Galaxy S8 and S8+

Following around six months of internal development work, including almost three of public beta tests, Samsung’s official Android Oreo deployment for the massively successful Galaxy S8 and S8+ finally began last week. Aaand now it’s gone.

Probably not for long, but given how hard it must have been for GS8 owners to see ancient and modest devices from several competing brands already updated to the newest OS version, even the smallest additional delay can cause them great pain.

If you’re wondering what the holdup is, we’re afraid we don’t know. It has to be some sort of a stability issue or, hopefully, a lone bug wreaking havoc on devices promoted to Oreo in countries like Turkey, Norway, India, Germany, France or Poland.

If it’s the latter, maybe Samsung can devise a quick fix, and restart the rollout in a mere matter of days. Those who’ve already installed the Android 8.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0-combining goodie pack shouldn’t downgrade just yet, as long as they’re happy with the refreshed UX.

Then again, a large part of the world never got the chance to download these “stable” software platform improvements over-the-air, as Samsung was careful to gradually send them out to the aforementioned markets and a few others starting with beta program participants. But the clock is still ticking, and Galaxy Note 8 users are also losing patience.

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