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Samsung has filed an FCC application for a phone called the GT-i9023, which is surrounded by a web of coincidence and speculation that may point to it being something very Nexus S-like running Android 2.4.

The FCC documents don’t offer much but the phone’s silhouette, yet the model number Samsung’s using ties back in to some recent smartphone news. Engadget notes that i9023 refers to a “Black Silver” edition of the Nexus S with some European retailers. Just changing the phone’s facade shouldn’t require re-submission to the FCC, so that may be part of the puzzle, but there seems to be something else Samsung’s done to the original Nexus S hardware.

BestBoyZ has a video of what looks like a Nexus S running Android 2.4, with a baseband version of I9023XXJL2: yup, i9023 again. Now, we know Sony Ericsson had problems with a “misconfiguration” on some of its recent prototypes that made the phone display “Android 2.4” while the company insisted it was running Gingerbread. Could this be the same sort of mistake?

We’re left with a whole bunch of connect-the-dots but no real picture in the end. Any guesses as to what Samsung is up to with this hardware?

Source: FCC, BestBoyZ

Via: Engadget

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