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Samsung Gear S2 Classic (Rose Gold and Platinum Edition!) Hands-On [Video]

By Jules Wang January 6, 2016, 8:29 pm

If you’re into Iggy Azalea songs of yesteryear (who the heck isn’t, am I right?), you’ll notice that we’ve been getting a little fancy up in this place. Huawei first classed up its Huawei Watch for women, now Samsung is putting some classic touches on its Gear S2 Classic.

If you’re familiar with our coverage — which includes a full review of the Gear S2 — you’ll find spare change to the internal specs, if any at all. You’re also going to see the same knurled and rotatable bezel as you have before on the Classic.

Not the same, though, are these finishes — and if you read the title of the post, you might not be taken aghast at first blush. But Samsung’s packing punch into the color “Rose Gold,” by giving that watch a 18-karat coating of pure Au. Gold, if you’re not up on the periodic table. The Platinum version gets a more conservative treatment and is paired with a black leather band.

But whatever your style, remember that all Gear S2 SKUs remain some of the smallest smartwatches out in the market right now. Perfect for the lighter-wristed of our humankind.

Those curious about snatching up one of these things will have to wait until February or so to learn more, but please ogle at our hands-on video in the meantime.

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