Samsung Gear VR with Controller scores $30 discount on Amazon, older versions also on sale

In case you missed your window for buying a Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone bundled with the latest edition of the Samsung Gear VR headset, perhaps waiting for better deals on the company’s newest flagship handhelds, or not looking to get a GS8 in the first place, now’s the time to pull the trigger.

A Gear VR with Controller package costs $99.99 on Amazon, down from a $129.99 MSRP, likely for a limited time, although no promo expiration date is explicitly listed. A standard US warranty is included, and official compatibility ranges from the S8 duo to the S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.

If you’re only interested in the first ever dedicated Samsung Gear VR controller that works with the chaebol’s previous-generation immersive goggles, Amazon can also hook you up with a decent 30 percent discount.

The “realistic interaction”-enabling accessory normally sets you back $39.99, dropping to $27.96 after a cool $12.03 markdown, though warranty conditions are somewhat murky.

And then you have 2016 and 2015 Gear VR versions that are constantly on sale at special prices. Right now, they’re $49.99 and $39.99 respectively, making it very hard for owners of older Samsung hero phones to choose their perfect fit.

All three do more or less the same things, with actual groundbreaking innovation still a ways off.

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