European pre-orders begin for Samsung Gear VR consumer edition

Before augmented reality can take off, virtual reality technology must first prove its worth to mobile and PC consumers always looking for the next big thing. Oculus is arguably the company to watch for in the fledgling segment, aiding Samsung with Gear VR development, and separately refining the much more powerful Rift.

But the non-developer Samsung Gear VR is already here, and if you own a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, or Note 5, it’s definitely worth a quick test drive, at the low, low price of a decent pair of wireless headphones.

Listed as coming soon by Best Buy, and also on its way to T-Mobile stateside, the first customer-oriented Gear VR just popped up out of nowhere on its manufacturer’s German and Dutch websites. Even better for early VR adopters around those parts, the headset is available for pre-orders, and deliveries might not take as long as you’d expect.

Namely, if you live in the Netherlands and (literally) put your money where your mouth is today, the Samsung Gear VR will be yours in roughly 72 hours. That’s right, it apparently ships out as soon as Saturday, November 21.

Meanwhile, in Germany, you’ll be left waiting close to two weeks, until December 1. In both countries, the virtual reality device costs €100 ($107), which you have to admit sounds mighty tempting, regardless of the actual head-mounted display missing, and your much pricier phone doing all the heavy lifting.

Sources: Samsung Germany, Netherlands
Via: GSMArena

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