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Believe it or not, Samsung has released no less than six different Gear VR models between late 2014 and the fall of 2017, numbered SM-R320 through R325, somewhat surprisingly pausing that accelerated upgrade cycle this spring.

There’s no virtual reality handset designed specifically for use alongside the Galaxy S9 and S9+, although the latest Gear VR generation, typically sold at $130 with a bundled controller, is obviously more than capable of delivering immersive experiences in collaboration with Samsung’s newest flagship phones.

But after these six very similar editions, a big change might finally be in store for the Gear VR family, at least from an official branding standpoint. You’ll want to gear up (no pun intended) for the first-ever Samsung Galaxy VR, which is reportedly coming… at some point in the not too distant future.

Unfortunately, the upcoming headset’s revised name is the only thing SamMobile’s usually trustworthy sources are willing to share at the moment. If real, it’s probably safe to assume the Galaxy VR will be seeing daylight together with the Galaxy Note 9 this fall or by the Galaxy S10’s side next spring.

If the latter theory pans out, we also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the Galaxy VR flying solo, untethered to any phone or PC, perhaps with a super-high-res screen in tow of its own.

But that’s just random guesswork. For the time being, all signs seem to point to a more unified Samsung Galaxy product portfolio, which is something that makes perfect sense.

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