Samsung Gear VR consumer edition pre-orders commence at Best Buy

Following a couple of unmistakably experimental “innovator” versions, Samsung and Oculus VR have finally decided to take their virtual reality alliance to the next level in September, unveiling the first Gear VR consumer model.

This isn’t quite a full-on competitor for the polished Oculus Rift that will go on sale early next year at “more” than $350, but rather a lower-cost, lower-end mobile alternative. How cheap is the new Samsung Gear VR?

As expected, it’s just $99.99, although to actually make the headset work as advertised, you’ll also need a pairing Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, S6 Edge or S6 smartphone, which bring the Quad HD screen into the head-mounted display equation. The most affordable of the four is obviously the non-Edge Galaxy S6, priced at around $500 unlocked with third-party retailers like Amazon.

Amazon, by the way, doesn’t sell the Gear VR yet, and neither does Samsung directly, with Best Buy apparently given some type of exclusivity period stateside. Online pre-orders recorded now should be fulfilled starting November 20 sans extra shipping fees, while store pickup is “coming soon.”

It remains to be seen if no doubt rampant demand will be handled properly by the device manufacturers and their one and only retail partner in a position to kick off pre-sales at the moment. To be on the safe side, you may want to hurry.

Source: Best Buy

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