Samsung Gear S3 goes up for pre-order on, ‘coming soon’ to Best Buy

Samsung has been unexpectedly slow and quiet in putting its newest high-end Tizen smartwatch out there, despite the need for good publicity and strong product launches in the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Or maybe that’s precisely why the global commercial rollout of the Gear S3 wasn’t rushed or very aggressively advertised.

Technically due out by mid-November in Korea and “other countries”, the GPS-integrating premium circular wearable has kicked off British pre-sales a few days ago, spreading to Germany and the US at last in the meantime.

But pre-order inventory in the UK is already depleted, while over on American shores, Best Buy still vaguely lists both the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier as “coming soon”, no actual dates supplied.

That’s where Amazon comes in, promising to release silver and dark gray models as soon as this Sunday, November 6, but charging a bizarre and slightly steep $382.66 apiece for early commitments. The recommended retail prices are $350 each, so it’s probably wise to give it at least a few more days. Perhaps you’ll even get a nice gift bundled in if you’re patient, like a free backup strap or Samsung Level Active headphones.

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