Samsung Gear S3 frontier and classic are finally available in Verizon stores with standalone LTE

After apparently calling off the planned release of an LTE-enabled LG Watch Sport on the nation’s largest network, likely to leave more room in the spotlight for its own-brand Wear24, we started to wonder if perhaps Verizon’s inexplicable Gear S3 delays would themselves turn into a premature cancellation.

Fortunately for Tizen fans and lovers of Samsung gadgets in general, that’s not the case, and at long last, the beautiful Android and iOS-compatible smartwatch is available in Big Red stores nationwide.

You can choose between “frontier” and “classic” models, which look different on the outside but are practically identical under the hood and in terms of general specs, each starting at $349.99.

That’s with a new two-year “activation”, and for some reason, it’s a full Benjamin higher than AT&T’s on-contract Samsung Gear S3 prices, while outright, Verizon charges the same $399.99 as T-Mobile.

You can get $100 off the $350 fee if you also purchase a Galaxy S8, S8+, S7 or S7 Edge from VZW, with online availability coming “soon.”

Remember, these bad boys don’t need a phone nearby at all times, making and receiving standalone calls and texts, as well as downloading apps on the fly with an LTE connection, and supporting Samsung Pay. NumberShare even lets you put the Gear S3 and a compatible handheld on the same digits for minimal hassle.

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