What kind of sales numbers are good enough numbers for smartwatches these days? Clearly, initial expectations for the still fledgling, increasingly struggling market were unrealistically optimistic, as even the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world might be looking at a shocking year-on-year demand decline.

Meanwhile, Samsung isn’t doing very poorly by its comparatively humbler standards, likely taking advantage of near-complete recent silence on the Android Wear release front. Yes, the Gear S3 is shaping up as a (moderate) box-office hit, both domestically and internationally.

It’s obviously too early for even rough estimations in European countries or the US, but on Korean shores, the latest circular Tizen timepiece has been out and about for a good ten days now. Enough to already reach the 25,000 unit milestone, which means around 2.5K sold every 24 hours or so.

No words on whether the Frontier flavor perhaps eclipsed the popularity of the Samsung Gear S3 Classic or the other way around so far, but we remember a report from the same exact Asian publication as today counting an average of 2,000 Gear S2 units ordered daily in South Korea a year back.

Samsung smartwatch sales are therefore on a (marginal) upswing, which is probably the best you can hope for, given the circumstances.

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