Samsung Gear S3 scores both $50 discount and $50 coupon, two Fossil Q models also on sale

It’s not that hard to find a solid Apple Watch alternative these days if you feel like the world’s most popular smart wearable device is perhaps too expensive or just not your style. But it may actually be trickier to choose a specific substitute from a sea of Android Wear options.

Some are ultra-affordable and, obviously, not that powerful or good-looking, while others target the so-called luxury market with prohibitive prices for the masses. Let’s not forget about Samsung’s Tizen-based, iOS and Android-compatible Gear S3, which has been around for quite some time and must be selling rather decently.

Otherwise, we’d probably see deals like today’s happening way more often and involving deeper price cuts. All things considered, you can’t do better than the $300 classic and frontier variants offered on after a $50 markdown, with an additional $50 “Reward eCertificate included.”

That’s a gift card, plain and simple, you can use on any future online purchase, and both the Gear S3 classic and frontier come with premium designs and build quality, a rotating bezel, built-in speaker, GPS, respectable battery life, sharp circular screen, water and dust resistance, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer.

Still, if you want to spend less, and don’t have a problem picking up a slightly older, less feature-packed smartwatch, why not give the Fossil Q Marshal or Q Wander Gen 2 a shot?

They’re $165 a pop, down from $275, on eBay and at Best Buy respectively, with arguably swanky, classy, traditional watch-like exteriors in either silver or rose gold. Oh, and they run Android Wear 2.0.

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