Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch predictably coming in Classic variation too

Compared to the pre-release Galaxy Note 7 speculation bonanza, which felt like a roller coaster of emotions including everything from childish excitement to confusion, disappointment and ultimately boredom, the Samsung Gear S3 rumor games are a total and unceasing snooze fest.

The only semi-interesting, semi-unexpected thing about the third-gen Tizen smartwatch might be all those sensors reportedly baked into it for improved activity tracking. Perhaps the Frontier name as well, if it pans out, and if it means the Gear S3 will come in at least three configurations, presumably ranging in size, capabilities and affordability.

That’s three, not two, mind you, as “standard” and Classic models seem nearly guaranteed. Not just because the chic, costly Gear S2 Classic proved pretty much as popular as its slightly less premium but cheaper sibling, with Kipris today confirming a Gear S3 Classic moniker is in the works.

Granted, a trademark filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office doesn’t always result in the imminent arrival of a commercial product. In this case however, we feel fairly certain predicting that’s exactly what’s going to happen in a matter of weeks. Circular body, rotary bezel, “classic” looks, and hopefully, Samsung Pay support included off the bat.

Source: Kipris
Via: SamMobile

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