Samsung Gear S2 review rebuttal (Video)

As efforts like After The Buzz, the Pocketnow Weekly and Empty Nest demonstrate, we’re constantly searching for fresh ways to review mobile technology. The newest product of those efforts is Pocketnow’s “Review Rebuttal” series, in which a member of our team is assigned to test a smartphone or tablet that’s already gone through our standard review process. While the resulting video or editorial doesn’t affect the “official” Pocketnow review score, we hope it provides added context by showcasing an editor’s personal opinion, rather than a team-wide consensus.

We call it the “rebuttal” because the new opinion sometimes differs significantly from the thrust of the original review. Rather than reject or bury that, we think the dissenting opinion is valuable – and we present it for your evaluation alongside select product reviews.

Even after roughly four years, the smartwatch world is still in search of its perfect device. And while the Gear S2 isn’t the end-all be-all of smartwatches, it gets a lot closer than I expected given my time with Samsung’s chunky, gimmick-heavy progenitors. I’ve been using the 3G version of the Samsung Gear S2 for about two weeks as part of my trial run of AT&T’s NumberSync feature, and I’ve come away with renewed appreciation for the Tizen-powered curiosity.

Check out the Gear S2 review rebuttal video below for some scattered thoughts from my time with the device, then be sure to hop over to our full review from December for in-depth details on aspects not covered here. If you like what you see and want to pick up a Gear S2 of your own, the 3G variant is available from AT&T here and the standard Bluetooth version is available in both standard and Classic trims directly from Samsung.

Samsung Gear S2 Review Rebuttal

Link to YouTube version of the video.

Samsung Gear S2 Review (2015)

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