Finally, iOS support should be added to the Samsung Gear S2 this month

While we clearly have to commend Samsung for regularly improving the proprietary software on its sleekest smartwatch to date, releasing the Gear S2 with Tizen instead of Android Wear kept one very important feature away from the bezelicious timepiece.

We’re talking iPhone compatibility, which Google reluctantly picked up months ago in a doomed attempt to shrink the Apple Watch’s mainstream appeal, especially among wearable adopters on tighter budgets.

Whether iFans are willing to pair their iOS handhelds with smartwatches manufactured by other outfits or not, making the Gear S2 cross-platform-enabled is one of those boxes Samsung simply must tick.

Before long, a software update should flick the switch, according to many tipsters and now even a company representative in Korea, who obviously can’t say more. But he can offer an approaching deadline (later this month), reducing the torment of the waiting game.

What exactly will you be able to do with your Gear S2 and iPhone synched up? Not much, sources suggest, at least at first, third-party app support having to receive Apple’s blessing and Samsung Pay functionality looking like a distant dream.

Even with Android handhelds, paying from your wrist isn’t easy, and the road to here has been a bumpy and convoluted one. Still, you had to expect it took baby steps to build a watchOS-competing platform, and this is definitely another one in the right direction… if the timing pans out.

Source: SamMobile

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