Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G goes up for pre-orders at AT&T and Verizon

Although it probably doesn’t come with an embedded SIM just yet on American shores, Samsung’s most fashionable smartwatch to date should make a few waves among Verizon and AT&T customers, thanks mainly to its standalone cellular support.

Unfortunately, we’re only talking 3G connectivity here, not full-blown 4G LTE speeds, which may put off some performance junkies. But the surprisingly good news is Ma Bell appears to charge just $250 for the Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G with two-year contracts, while the outright price sits at $350 through the nation’s second largest carrier.

As for numero uno, Big Red asks a whopping $350 with 24-month pacts, and $400 on full retail, both operators currently taking pre-orders, and merely promising to ship your perfectly circular Tizen timepieces around mid-March.

Specifically, on the 11th, which just so happens to also be the official release date of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. It’s possible therefore AT&T’s Gear S2 Classic pricing includes a time-limited discount of sorts, though usually, such deals are signaled and heavily advertised at Verizon’s runner-up.

Meanwhile, AT&T’s flat S7 starts at $23.17 a month on Next 24 installment plans, and the 32GB GS7 Edge costs “well qualified customers” $26.50 per month. Don’t forget about your free Gear VR headset!

Sources: AT&T Newsroom, AT&T pre-order page, Verizon News Center

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