Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter arrives to pair the watch with your 20mm strap of choice

Samsung has never been open to discuss the sales numbers of its latest and arguably greatest smartwatch yet, and even off the record, we’ve only heard reports of Gear S2 box-office achievements shortly after its launch.

Those are rarely good signs, but the circular Tizen wearable must be doing something right, since a slew of new models were released in recent months, including luxury designer configurations and fairly stylish, fairly affordable Classic Rose Gold and Platinum editions.

If it still feels like there aren’t enough options to customize and personalize the Samsung Gear S2 though, a nifty little accessory enters the picture today to let you choose whatever standard 20mm watch strap tickles your fancy.

The Band Adapter is as simple and straightforward to use as it looks, seamlessly attaching to the Gear S2 body once you remove its original band, and then accommodating classic 20mm straps made from materials as diverse as leather, metal and ceramic.

The possibilities are essentially endless, and you can easily make the “futuristic” timepiece pass off as a dumb, traditional, fashionable watch. You’re even free to turn your Gear S2 into a Gear S2 Classic with the latter’s standard band, and the low-key, lightweight but robust stainless steel adapter is available in dark gray and silver coats of paint to match either the device itself or various third-party straps.

Already up for grabs in Germany, Singapore and South Africa, this should expand to “more countries around the world” before long.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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