With 2014 came a whole load of wearables fighting for a spot on your wrist – the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R, the Pebble Steel, the Apple Watch (well, it was announced at least), and more. With this overload of watches, it’s difficult to differentiate these days, but Samsung managed to pique our interest with the launch of the Gear S, which we checked out at IFA 2014 back in September. The device both featured a smartphone-esque form factor –even including a physical home button– and offered standalone functionality, making it one of just a few smartwatches that doesn’t require a smartphone companion at all times to function properly. It was unique enough that we’ve now brought it into our review labs to give the world our thoughts on the behemoth.

But does this bevy of features actually translate into an intuitive and usable user experience? Does the monthly cost benefit let you ditch your smartphone entirely? Is it worth it at all? We tackle these questions (and more!) in our full Samsung Gear S review video embedded below. Give it a watch, and then take to the comments to continue the discussion about Samsung’s behemoth wristwatch down below!

Samsung Gear S Review

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