‘Truly’ cord-free Samsung Gear IconX fitness earbuds roll out in select markets today

Doesn’t it feel like Samsung’s latest fitness products received too little attention from the company’s marketing department and consequently, the media, on the heels of their actual announcements? The Gear IconX in particular was pretty much forgotten after a few pre-release mentions by both leakers and Samsung PR, which is hardly fair.

Not only are we dealing with “truly cord-free”, truly wireless headphones here, but the 3-in-1 Gear IconX device can also work as a standalone music player, courtesy of its very own 4GB internal storage, pulling triple duty via an in-ear heart rate monitor as well.

Bottom line, while it doesn’t look like much, with an intentionally low-profile design and tiny footprint, this is arguably a one-of-a-kind hybrid gadget. And finally, it’s up for grabs in “select markets” around the world today, including the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Australia and Korea.

“Gradual” launches “around the rest of the globe” will apparently follow soon, but unfortunately, we can’t break down official pricing by region just yet. All we know is the Samsung Gear IconX costs the rough equivalent of $195 in the OEM’s homeland, which sounds reasonable, given everything it brings to the table.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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