Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro still supports Android phones only, iOS app ‘pending approval’

Bitter rivals Apple and Samsung have proven time and time again they can get along when there are hefty profits up for grabs for both mobile industry-dominating corporations, but it’s not always smooth sailing between the two.

As an early market leader and apparent trendsetter, the Apple Watch can afford to limit the use of connected handsets to Cupertino’s iPhones, for instance, while Samsung has been trying pretty hard over the past couple of years to make its less popular wearable devices as unrestrictive as possible.

For mostly unknown reasons however, it’s taken forever to officially pair the Gear S2 smartwatch with select iOS phones. And now the Gear Fit 2 Pro activity tracker seems to be in a similar position, despite commercially launching not very long ago.

Compatible with all sorts of Androids running OS version 4.4 and up, the $200 “swim-ready” wearable still has iOS support for the iPhone 5 and later “pending.” Pending Apple’s approval of the necessary App Store title, it turns out, according to an official Samsung statement supplied to CNet in response to user confusion and dissatisfaction.

Obviously, the combination of an “iDevice” and Galaxy-first Gear family member isn’t ideal for a lot of people, but it could still be a decent Fit 2 Pro deal sweetener. A nice little thing to have just in case… someday, when the app gets Apple’s green light at last.

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