Latest batch of unofficial Samsung Gear Fit 2 images sheds light on functionality

They say seeing is believing, so although we’ve heard an awful lot about the surprisingly advanced specs and features of the upcoming “entry-level” Samsung Gear Fit 2 wearable lately from rock-solid sources, it’s certainly nice to also get some visual confirmation.

The activity tracker is once again pictured in black, blue and pink, with a much more ergonomic design than its predecessor, comfortable apparent fit on any wrist, curvy body, and a sharp screen that feels like a smooth continuation of the strap instead of two different puzzle pieces not able to come together very elegantly.

Perhaps more importantly, the rumored 1.84-inch AMOLED display is shown to be suited for illustrating various fitness and health-monitoring data, including distance covered (and targeted), heart rate, and layouts of running trails.

It’s therefore entirely possible the Gear Fit 2 will carry its very own GPS chip rather than always needing to tap into the navigation and positioning system of a connected smartphone. Meanwhile, Samsung’s first all-in-one bio-processor should be qualified to supervise way more than just your BPM, steps taken and calories burned, with skin temperature, body fat, galvanic skin response, PPG, and ECG sensors likely brought together for the ultimate personal trainer and doctor replacement.

Well, maybe replacement is a bit of an overstatement, but in roughly a month, you could rely on the Samsung Gear Fit 2 for extra wellness insight and help. Hopefully, at $200 tops.

Source: Twitter
Via: SamMobile

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