With all its R&D, advertising and distribution resources invested in the Gear S2 smartwatch of late, Samsung disregarded the thriving low-cost fitness tracker market for a little too long, leaving Fitbit and Xiaomi to share worldwide domination, while Garmin and Jawbone battle for scraps.

Then there’s also Microsoft, which continues to struggle turning its sensor-rich Band 2 into a mainstream box-office hit, as the design and price feel somewhat lacking. But Samsung apparently sees a lot of potential there, working on a very similar Gear Fit 2 activity tracker. Almost too similar.

This looks significantly curvier, more ergonomic and less rigid than its two year-old predecessor, showing up on its maker’s official S Health website following a big visual (ev)leak just last week, yet prior to a formal announcement.

The new angle and quality of the product image unintentionally exposed makes the Samsung Gear Fit 2 seem even more of a Microsoft Band 2 copycat, though if it somehow manages to beat its rival in health-monitoring accuracy, battery life and affordability, we’re ready to turn a blind eye to the obvious physical resemblance.

Samsung Gear IconX

Meanwhile, the Gear IconX once again fails to strike us as special or original at first glance. Until you realize you’re dealing with a truly wireless pair of earbuds, rumored to double as a fitness tracker and triple as a standalone digital music player, with its own 4GB internal storage.

Remain cautious, however, as so much about the execution of such a groundbreaking new 3-in-1 device could go wrong, not to mention its prospectively extravagant price if everything indeed works out as planned.

Source: Wareable

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