Samsung Gear 360 VR camera launches April 29 in ‘select countries’, US not included

Virtual reality is arguably the future of tech, although it’s hard to believe VR headsets, goggles, cameras and other gadgets of the sort will indeed surpass smartphones in mainstream popularity in four years, as an HTC official recently predicted.

For the time being, it’s all about baby steps, and actually getting the few high-profile “immersive” products so far unveiled in the hands and on the heads of early adopters. Everyone from Oculus to HTC to Samsung and even LG appear to be struggling with that, delaying commercial launches and shipments of devices available on pre-order.

Meanwhile, a sense of confusion continues to hover over the recommended pricing of the Gear 360 spherical camera, at least stateside. On the old continent, we’re pretty certain you’ll be asked to cough up the rough equivalent of $395 (€350), whereas in Korea, the pre-sale rate is set at a cool 400,000 won ($350).

The pieces of the puzzle are therefore gradually falling into place, culminating with an official release date of April 29. That’s right, some of you will be able to purchase the Samsung Gear 360 in physical retail locations, or have the thing delivered from e-stores starting tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the launch is only happening in “select” regions for now, including Korea, but not the US. Come on, Samsung, don’t be afraid of confirming what we kind of already know for sure. There’s no way you’ll charge a penny under 350 bucks on American shores when the VR content-producing camera ultimately spreads out.

Source: SamMobile

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