Samsung Gear 360 goes up for pre-orders in Korea, gets priced at €350 in Europe

Samsung wasn’t keen to fully clear the air regarding the US price tag and release date of the Gear 360 spherical VR camera when denying it would cost $350, and in the meantime, third-party retailer B&H has backpedaled on its educated guess as well.

Elsewhere however, things couldn’t be clearer, at least in terms of retail pricing, and $350 still feels like a solid theory for American availability. On Korean shores, that’s more or less exactly what the Gear 360’s valuation converts to, with regional pre-orders already live, and deliveries slated to begin next week, by April 29.

Then again, in Samsung’s homeland, the dual 15MP CMOS sensor-packing cam comes bundled with a free Gear VR headset, typically worth an extra $110 or so. No idea if similar deals will be offered on the Western hemisphere, but at least in Netherlands, there’s no such mention on the company’s local website.

No word on a launch date around those parts either, though the price is listed in black and white, at a fairly predictable €350 ($395). Still dreaming of a $300 or even $250 US tag? Forget about it, and don’t hold your breath for a late April or early May European rollout either.

Dutch e-tailers seem to be hinting at a May 22 commercial release, which could turn out to be the ETA for the whole old continent. Or it might not, so let’s not take anything for granted until Samsung confirms it.

Sources: Samsung Korea, Samsung Netherlands
Via: SamMobile

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