Samsung seems intent on keeping the beat on its consumer-side 360-degree cameras having released one per year for the past two years.

Through LetsGoDigital, we’ve learned that another one is set down for next year in all likelihood. And while the essential design, put onto Korean intellectual property agency KIPRIS, of a bulbous dual-camera head on top of a semi-cylindrical base hasn’t changed, there are a couple of things going on with this rather happy looking design refresh.

First of all, you’ll notice the happy eyes silkscreened onto at least one lens. We don’t think that’s going to be a problem since the focus range would be beyond that point. The head is tilted to one side as to encourage users to look down at it when placed down on a table. Notice the stubby feet acting as a permanent base instead of some convoluted soft ring that had to be attached — though we’re not sure if the threaded connection that’s available at the base for attachment to a tripod will be practical at all.

We may see this come up at MWC 2018, likely after an early Galaxy S9 launch.

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