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How much warranty does Samsung offer on the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

By Aryan Suren September 5, 2021, 6:00 am

Earlier this month, Samsung Unpacked introduced us to the new generation of the Z Fold Series, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It brings a reduced price tag and improvements to hardware, durability, and performance. So if you’ve wanted to experience the world of foldable phones, now might be a really good time to try the product. But if you’re worried about how it will hold up over time and want to know more about the security for the Z Fold 3, this article will help you understand how much warranty Samsung offers and what type of damage it will cover.

If this is the first article you’re reading about the new foldable phones, make sure to check out our “all you need to know” articles on the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 to understand what they offer.


To start off, as is standard, the folding phone comes with a one year warranty against hardware defects. Meaning, if any of its components show unexpected deterioration or loss of functionality, Samsung will offer a free repair or replacement based on the type of problem. It should cover any issues with the folding screen, camera hardware, speakers, etc.

But if you ask about damage caused by external factors, like water or maybe a fall, free repair requests tend to go unanswered. So while the folding phone now has an IPX8 rating and better build materials, if you find yourself around water a lot or drop your phone quite a bit, we suggest being extra cautious and buy a case.

z fold 3 water resistance

Pulling some information from an article we published recently, replacing the external display on the Z Fold 3 will cost $149, while the inner panel will need $479 — if out of warranty. But to help ease the pain of replacing the inner panel, you can consider subscribing to Samsung Care+, a service that charges a monthly fee, to offer protection against accidental damage from water or falls and reduces the screen replacement charge to $249.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 28

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

With a reduced price tag and a host of multitasking features, Samsung's Z Fold 3 is the phone to get if you plan on maximizing the productivity you derive from a mobile companion.

Before you pull the trigger on your foldable purchase, if you’re only looking for a way to experience folding screens, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is an option worth looking into, as it offers an almost perfect traditional smartphone-like experience with a lower price tag. So if that piques your interest, make sure to check out our deals page and compilation of the best cases to protect the phone.


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