Samsung may have some exciting changes planned for its next foldable. A World Intellectual Property Office application was published some days ago, and it contains images suggesting that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may arrive with a new pop-up camera system.

It seems that Samsung is or was planning on including a pop-up camera in its foldable phones. The company filed an application at the WIPO back in April, where we can clearly see a device featuring a pop-up mechanism inside one of the sides of the foldable phone, which could mean that the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may arrive without an Infinity-O selfie camera. However, it could also mean that this design was planned for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold but got scratched before it became the phone’s final design.

This last possibility may seem more accurate since the phone’s sketches look almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, except for the lack of the punch hole selfie camera. What’s curious is how the device would seemingly allow you to activate this pop-up mechanism even when the phone was closed, meaning that it could also, eventually, replace the main rear-facing camera.

Now, Samsung may have decided to pass on this design since this would give an already pricey device more expensive moving parts, which would also increase the overall price tag of the device. Let’s also remember that rumors suggest that Samsung is already working on giving us a device with an under-display selfie camera, which would make this mechanism unnecessary in the end. We have also seen rumors claiming that Samsung may also change the technology used in its Galaxy Z Fold displays to finally give us a foldable device with stylus support, as well as a more durable folding Ultra-Thin Glass display.

Source SamMobile

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