Samsung starts official Galaxy Tab S3 Oreo update in the UK

A couple of months ago, Samsung Turkey published a very specific May 4 release date for the regional Oreo update of the Galaxy Tab S3, and although the self-imposed deadline was missed, the 9.7-incher’s rollout is now underway… in the UK.

This is certainly not a huge delay, and odds are the over-the-air Android 8.0 love will be spread around the world in a matter of days. A couple of weeks, tops, at least as far as the Wi-Fi-only model is concerned, with the LTE ball obviously in each individual carrier’s court.

Unveiled way back in February 2017, the versatile, stylish and productive Galaxy Tab S3 badly needed this major UI overhaul to justify its discounted but still-high $470 price. All the typical Oreo goodies, as well as the device manufacturer’s own Samsung Experience 9.0 enhancements, should be headed your way, nicely polished and adapted for the slate’s large, high-res screen.

It appears Dolby Atmos support is also coming to maximize an already impressive audio experience with four AKG-tuned speakers delivering omnidirectional sound. The Galaxy Tab S3 is of course an entertainment powerhouse first and foremost while encouraging your creative side with a bundled S Pen. There’s a keyboard as well, but you need to pay extra for that. Before you do, keep in mind a 10.5-inch Tab S4 is probably right around the corner.

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