Samsung Netherlands says not to expect Marshmallow for first-gen Galaxy Tab S models (Updated)

Update: There might still be hope for an exit out of the Lollipop purgatory soon, at least in Greece. Samsung’s regional Facebook admin just assured a concerned fan of the company’s commitment to deliver over-the-air M sweets to “the whole Tab S series.” Now we’re even more confused. Original story below.

Credit where credit is due, Samsung did a relatively solid job thus far updating both new and old, mainstream popular and lesser known, high and low-end smartphones and tablets to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Granted, Motorola remains king in terms of software support pace, but consider for a moment the sheer number of devices Samsung has to take care of, compared to the handful of Moto Xs, Gs, Es, and Droid-branded gadgets now under Lenovo’s management.

Still, no recent Galaxy A5, A8, Tab E, S5 Neo, On7 or J5 makeover can excuse the Korean tech giant’s mind-boggling decision of already leaving the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 behind. We’re talking, of course, about summer 2014-released generations, with 2015 second-gen iterations not long ago treated to OTA Marshmallow goodies in select “international” markets.

The OG Super AMOLED slates are now past the traditional 24-month update mark, but while it makes perfect sense for them to be snubbed Nougat enhancements, let’s not forget they were a little over one year old when Android 6.0 started rolling out to Nexus family members last fall.

Also, if the spring 2014-launched Galaxy S5 phone can run Marshmallow, the original Galaxy Tab S twosome should really receive the same treatment, what with very powerful processors inside and 3GB RAM. Mind you, we’re not getting worked up about a rumor here either, with Samsung’s own official Netherlands arm confirming on Facebook “no more updates” beyond Android 5.0 are coming. Which reminds us the tablets haven’t even been brought up to version 5.1. Ouch!

Source: SamMobile

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