Samsung loves it some AMOLED displays, but manufacturing quality AMOLED components has always been a little trickier than their LCD brethren, and the largest Samsung has managed to put on a tablet thus far has been the 7.7-incher on the appropriately named Galaxy Tab 7.7 (above). Now a new rumor suggests that Samsung has its eyes on something much larger, and could be delivering a full HD 1080p Android tablet with an AMOLED screen as large as 11.6 inches.

Supposedly, this high-end tablet would arrive as the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, and might be on Samsung’s agenda for the IFA this summer. The source behind this rumor seems confident that it will be a large-screened tablet with an AMOLED display, but isn’t sure about just how big it might be – in addition to 11.6 inches, 10.1 might be a possibility.

In either case, it’s supposed to have a 1080p resolution, and would run an Exynos 5 SoC, but whether that’s the new octa-core component or a dual-core like in the Nexus 10, we don’t yet know. If this turns out being true, the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus could end up being the best-looking tablet around later this year.

Source: SamMobile

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