Marshmallow update for Samsung Galaxy Tab A confirmed to be ‘in development’

Technically, you shouldn’t need to worry about whether or not Android devices released this time last year will ever get official 6.0 support. But when it comes to low or mid-end tablets, it’s nice to have confirmation, since they don’t exactly sell millions of copies these days. No, not even Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Fortunately for GTab A owners, all doubt has been quashed by the manufacturer’s British “Support Centre” on Twitter. According to Samsung Help UK social media handlers, “the Marshmallow update for the Tab A is in development.”

Sadly, that’s where the transparency ends. We’ve no idea how long this particular software promotion has been “in development”, and when is a fully polished goodie pack slated to roll out over-the-air. But it probably won’t happen in the next few months, as the Note 4, Note Edge, S5 and Alpha phones should first follow in the footsteps of the S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, and Note 5.

It’s possible the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0/9.7 duo will also foreshadow the Tab A on the Android 6.0 bandwagon, having launched later last year, with vastly superior hardware specs. Speaking of duos, while Samsung UK’s tweet tackled the 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab A variant (SM-T550) in particular, we’re guessing the 8-incher’s own Marshmallow makeover is decidedly in the works.

Stay tuned for more details and especially ETAs as we get them.

Source: Twitter
Via: SamMobile

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