Samsung could be at work on a new Galaxy Tab (as well as another tablet)

Samsung’s always chipping away at something or another, it seems, and today the rumor mill is suggesting that some of those things could be new Android tablets. Information sourced from the Netherlands could be both a Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 leak and a gateway into other tablet plans – let’s have a look.

Zauba, a Dutch site that’s tasked with managing import and export logs, notes that on December 22 a device going under the model number SM-T555 entered Holland for research, development, and testing purposes. The model was valued at approximately US$354.

How is this interesting? Samsung opted this year to use SM-T535 as the model number for the cellular Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, and by the model number system the company uses, it would make logical sense that the model in question is a followup to that. Yes, it’s an assumption, but one that PhoneArena looks to have faith in, and isn’t far-fetched at all.

In addition, through similar methods, we’re picking up on the existence of an SM-T116 tablet in the import/export logs. If data from Geekbench is correct, this is a very entry-level slate, with internal specifications including a 1.2 GHz Speadtrum processor and 1GB of RAM. The valuation lists this product at about $100.

This information is relatively new in the pipeline, so if the Galaxy Tab 5 really is in existence, we’re sure we’ll be hearing more from the rumor mill in a short while.

Source: Zauba, Geekbench (Google Translate)
Via: PhoneArena

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